Hard Services


Hard Services

Facility Management Services

Entrust the seamless operation of your facility to Dant UAE's comprehensive Facility Management Services. Our dedicated team ensures the optimal functionality of your property, covering maintenance, security, and other essential services to create a smooth and efficient environment.

Interior Fitout Works

Elevate your interior spaces with Dant UAE's expert Interior Fitout Works. Our skilled craftsmen bring innovative design concepts to life, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors tailored to your preferences and requirements.

Glass Door Maintenance

Keep your entryways sleek and secure with Dant UAE's Glass Door Maintenance services. Our technicians specialize in the upkeep of glass doors, ensuring smooth operation, structural integrity, and a polished appearance.

Wooden Door Polishing and Replacement

Revitalize the elegance of your property with Dant UAE's Wooden Door Polishing and Replacement services. Our skilled craftsmen enhance the natural beauty of wooden doors through expert polishing or provide seamless replacements for a fresh and refined look.

Civil Maintenance

Maintain the structural integrity of your property with Dant UAE's Civil Maintenance services. Our experienced team handles structural repairs, maintenance, and renovations, ensuring that your building remains sturdy and safe.

Floor & Counter Marble Installation

Experience the luxury of marble with Dant UAE's precise Floor & Counter Marble Installation services. Our skilled craftsmen install marble surfaces with meticulous attention to detail, enhancing the aesthetics and value of your space.

Swimming Pool Heating/Cooling System Maintenance & Installation

Enjoy optimal comfort in your pool year-round with Dant UAE's Swimming Pool Heating/Cooling System Maintenance & Installation services. Our experts ensure efficient operation and can install systems to regulate water temperature according to your preferences.

Swimming Pool Dosing System Maintenance & Installation

Maintain pristine pool water with Dant UAE's Swimming Pool Dosing System Maintenance & Installation services. Our technicians handle the precise dosing of chemicals, ensuring water quality and safety.

Water Tank Lamination & Waterproofing

Protect your water storage with Dant UAE's Water Tank Lamination & Waterproofing services. Our specialized techniques create a durable and waterproof barrier, preventing leaks and ensuring the longevity of your water tanks.

Floor & Roof Waterproofing

Safeguard your property against water damage with Dant UAE's Floor & Roof Waterproofing services. Our skilled team applies advanced waterproofing solutions to protect floors and roofs, enhancing the durability and longevity of your building.


Ensure the efficient functioning of your plumbing systems with Dant UAE's professional plumbing services. From installations to repairs, our experienced plumbers address plumbing issues promptly, ensuring a reliable and leak-free water supply.